Jacked Up Truck Tires and Your Transmission

If you’re thinking about putting some nice big tires on your lifted truck, keep in mind that you must make serious changes to your transmission. Strangely, most people I’ve known who have installed monster truck tires on their lifted truck don’t make these changes. The result? They keep killing their transmissions and spending a fortune in repairs.

Bill over at Power Stroke Help created this no-nonsense YouTube video which explains the phenomenon and what you should do about it:

So when you start planning that lifted truck with an eye on some nice big tires, keep in mind you will also need to budget the appropriate transmission adjustments. Big tires kill transmissions… unless you appropriately modify the transmission in advanced for the size and weight of the new tires. And I hate to break it to you, but this transmission job ain’t cheap. So before you finish budgeting what type of lift kits you can afford, make sure you include the transmission adjustment as part of that budget.

This is also something you should keep in mind when you evaluate used jacked up trucks or any jacked up trucks for sale you find on the market. If they have larger tires than the manufacturer recommends or than what comes with the original vehicle, you need to find out if they’ve made the appropriate transmission torque ratio adjustments. If not, you’ll just be buying a 4×4 truck with a dying transmission.

I hope this helps. Thanks again to Bill at Power Stroke Help for the great video and thank you for visiting Jacked Up Trucks.