Jacked Up Trucks For Sale

While jacked up trucks for sale are not the most common vehicle to find on the automobile market, they do exist and they take a special expertise to understand and buy properly. Today one can even buy jacked up trucks online.

With this guide I hope to help you understand where to buy these lifted trucks online, what resources you must consult before giving anyone your money, what to consider when buying any kind of used trucks, and finally, what specific and unique variables you should consider when shopping for jacked up trucks for sale.

Where to Find Jacked Up Trucks For Sale Online

Auto Trader is one of the newer services and it is growing rapidly. The idea here is to aggregate both new and used sales from both private sellers and dealers into a single easy-to-use interface. Auto Trader seems to have quite a few trucks, relatively speaking. They also operate Truck Trader, which will just direct you to Auto Trader unless you seek to buy an industrial-grade truck.

Ebay Motors is based on the well-known auction site, with specialized tools to help provide secure online transactions for a wide assortment of vehicles.

Cars Direct provides both research tools and a portal for buying various automobiles. They also provide a lead generation service for dealers.

CarMax is moving increasingly online and provides a portal to what has basically become the nation’s largest used automobile dealer. It is not as likely you’ll find jacked up trucks for sale at CarMax, but it is still a site you should keep on your shortlist.

Jacked Up Trucks For Sale

Jacked Up Trucks For Sale

Craig’s List is the world’s largest and greatest classifieds. You can pretty much find anything here, but keep in mind that it is pretty much a free for all. While you’ll find plenty of great deals on totally legitimate monster trucks and lifted trucks for sale, you must be vigilant and thorough about how you conduct your business. Craig’s List isn’t there to foster or secure your transaction, so if you go this route, be proactive about security and legitimacy. Because of the customized nature of a lifted vehicle, you may find many more used jacked up trucks on Craig’s List than on other more secure used vehicle sites.

Consult These Before You Shop for Jacked Up Trucks for Sale

Despite being heavily customized vehicles, there is still a core engine and VIN (vehicle identification number) associated with every truck, jacked or not.

To get a baseline for a truck’s value you must consult the Kelly Blue Book. This is difficult with custom lifted trucks, but you still need to know the general market value of the core truck you’re considering. After that you’ll have to calculate the value and quality of the lift job (we’ll get to that later).

Along similar lines, make sure you get the CarFax on any vehicle before you commit to it. You need to make sure you’re getting what you’re buying, and CarFax can help you unravel mysteries and lies behind the VIN. You don’t want to overpay for a jacked up vehicle that has been in serious accidents and compromised by complete rebuilds.

What You Should Consider When Buying Used Trucks

I’ll keep this relatively brief as I’m planning a page entirely dedicated to used jacked up trucks, but here are some specific things you should consider when evaluating not just jacked up trucks for sale, but any used trucks for sale. Please note I’ve now moved most of this section to my other article: Used Jacked Up Trucks.

You should conduct an inspection that includes the following:

  • General walk around: Inspect tires, body lines, seals and basic function.
  • Engine Inspection: Look for leaks, origin of the leaks and inspect the quality and condition of all fluids. Also listen and evaluate for engine behavior and appearance before, during and after a test drive.
  • Undercarriage Inspection: Examine exhaust manifold, look for leaks and inspect overall integrity and condition.
  • Research the truck lift kit selected for building the jacked up truck. Does it have a body lift, suspension lift or was a leveling kit just installed?

Jacked Up Trucks for Sale: Three Critical Variables

There are three variables either unique to jacked up trucks for sale or particularly important to jacked up trucks; you should understand and be ready to evaluate all three of these critical used truck variables when you consider buying a jacked up truck.

  • Balance
  • Level
  • Alignment

While they may be important for any motor vehicle, they can be particularly tricky for jacked up trucks with raised suspensions. You will want to check the balance both by tire inspection and by body weight measure. You can check the level of the truck by using a standard spirit level tool at multiple body and engine locations. Alignment, however, should be checked by a specialty shop with the proper, specialized alignment equipment.

At this point, my Jacked Up Trucks site should provide you a strong foundation from which to approach finding your desired jacked up trucks for sale online. You should now understand how to evaluate used jacked up trucks, what makes a proper jacked up truck, what resources you need to consult before committing to any single truck, and where you can go to find a wide variety of jacked up trucks for sale online.