Monster Truck Tires

Arguably an amplified form of jacked up trucks, monster trucks do everything big. And monster truck tires are no exception.

The tough obstacles, large wheels and enormous suspension typical of monster trucks mean they require a special breed of tires. They need tires capable of tackling all the mud bogging, car-eating and tractor pulling without hesitation. This isn’t about any old jacked up truck tires. This is about monster truck tires.

Monster Truck Tires: Size

Despite how these elaborate jacked up trucks often stand over 10 feet tall and feature engines capable of 1,500 horsepower, they’re most distinguishing feature is still those enormous and tough tires, often providing four to five feet of clearance.

Monster Truck Tires

Monster Truck Tires

Believe it or not, you can thank the farming industry for the tires on most monster trucks. Their tires come from the D12 Cat, or the Caterpillar D12 bulldozer, an agriculture-oriented industrial vehicle. These monster tires are often 43 inches wide with a height of 63 inches.

Monster Truck Tires: Weight

By default, these D-12 Cat tires are too heavy for a fully functioning monster truck. So the monster truck tires you see on these massive trucks are actually shaved or cut aftermarket to reduce their weight.

The original agricultural tire starts at about 1000 pounds and after modifications is usually down to about 850 pounds.

Lifted truck tires like these used to be shaved by hand, slowly trimmed down about one and a quarter inches. However, starting with an Indiana Goodyear dealer, monster truck tires are now shaved using a specially modified standard retreading machine. This greatly saves time and money customizing these agricultural tires for monster truck use.

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Cost?

These modified D12 cat tires are often purchased from either Firestone or Goodyear, and a good ballpark price to expect will be about $1,800 per tire.

Before you consider imitating such a tire setup for your own jacked up trucks, keep in mind that the engine, suspension and design of a modern monster truck is usually more akin to a 4×4 dune buggy than the type of pick-up truck we convert into a jacked up truck. The 4-link suspensions combined with custom tubular chassis and fiberglass body empowers them to drive such enormous and heavy tires with power and stability. So be careful if you are researching lift kits for your pickup truck with the intention of installing real monster truck tires.

I hope this helps you better understand the origin and purpose of monster truck tires and better equips you to explore your trucking hobby.