Custom Truck Bumper

If you’re modifying your truck in any way, you probably are considering a custom bumper. This relatively inexpensive modification provides a way to better protect your investment, further personalize the appearance of your jacked up truck, and give it more rugged functionality. Modern trucks are provided far more than just increased collision impact protection from a custom truck bumper.

For people customizing their jacked up trucks, a custom truck bumper provides ample opportunity to create the ideal aftermarket lifted truck.

Benefits Of A Custom Truck Bumper

Aftermarket custom truck bumpers can save you money and improve your truck’s longevity. A steel bumper with aftermarket air dam provides tremendous strength for rugged monster trucking, law enforcement work or for emergency vehicles.

In addition to greater strength and flexibility, custom truck bumpers provide you with a canvas for distinct and unique styling of your jacked up trucks. Furthermore, some truck lift kits will require you to modify your bumper as well, so you might as well go with a nice custom truck bumper.

Custom Truck Bumper

Custom Truck Bumper

Front end and rear bumpers are available from most shops that specialize in custom bumpers, and they usually come in both heavy duty and standard flavors. As these bumpers are often custom-made for each truck, you can find them for almost any make and model, including Ford, Chevy, Dodge Ram, GMC, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Hummer and more.

A simple custom truck bumper can save you thousands of dollars by minimizing the damage from slow impact accidents, and the occasional stray shopping cart.

If you choose to sell your jacked up truck, you’ll find you receive a more enthusiastic response if your modified truck features a unique and functional custom truck bumper. Used jacked up trucks with nicely matching body, bumper and tires often draw greater interest on auto trading websites.

Custom Truck Bumper Accessories

Custom-built bumpers or grille guards can provide your truck additional lights, shackles or d-rings, or winches. Fog lights are a common and effective addition to custom truck bumpers.

Higher quality body shops and truck shops will offer the ability to implement truly unique features, including but not limited to:

  • Custom cutout designs
  • Tow Hooks
  • Optional Fog Light cutouts
  • 7 Gauge steel
  • Open or closed grille designs
  • Bug shields

These rugged truck bumpers can be personalized with chrome or an appropriately matching paint job.

I encourage you to consider which monster truck tires you will use on your truck and which level of suspension you will have or will implement when matching your custom truck bumpers with your jacked up trucks.

When all is said and done, your custom truck bumper should provide your vehicle with both an enhanced appearance and enhanced functionality. I hope this article opens your eyes to the possibilities.